Veterans Discount

This company is owned & operated by a service disabled veteran.

I know it is not easy, not always fun.
I want to say thank you for taking the time out of your & your family’s life
to stand on that wall for me.

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This discount is for those who have volunteered to serve in our armed forces.  Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, & Coast Guard.  In any capacity such as active, Reserve, National Guard.


  • 10% off home inspections service, your end bill, excluding labs fees.
  • 11% for Marines, its a Marine thing

When booking your inspections, please do let the office know your veterans status.  Now you do have to show proof, which is a service ID card, a VA card, membership card in a service organization, not auxiliary membership.  If you are a Marine, we will talk, trust me I am pretty good at picking out Marines.

This discount is not for extended families, I do appreciate if your brother, sister, father, mother served.   But, this discount is intended for my comrades in arms who gave a portion of their life for our freedoms


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Thank You
Semper Fidelis

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