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Jym Littrell – Owner
Peace of Mind Inspections
Bedford Office
602 M St Bedford, IN 47421
Phone: (812) 329-7712
Bloomington Office
3802 East 3rd St Suite # 208
Bloomington, IN 47401
Phone: (812) 964-1964

Cari Littrell – Residential Inspector

Art Hill – Commercial Inspector


Jym Says
My Promise

When you schedule your home inspection with Peace of Mind Inspections.
This will be your home inspector,

Who is Jym ?

My passion is building & “safe decent housing for everyone” is my dream. I began my trade as a union lather in California which was absorbed into the carpenters union during my apprenticeship. I have also been a licensed contractor for the State of California. I have worked on many projects from California to Indiana; Building rocks & dinosaurs at Disneyland to the event level & locker rooms at Lucas Oil Stadium. Lucas Oil Stadium was my last job site as a union carpenter, for I turned my attention to my community & worked for a local Habit for Humanity affiliate building decent affordable housing for low income families, it kept me closer to home & opened my eyes to some housing issues here in Indiana.

It is my belief & intent that every family should be educated thoroughly about the home
they are about to invest in, live in, & grow in.

I have seen what hidden damage or poor construction & materials can do financially & physically to families. I have three daughters & I inspect every home as if I were inspecting it for one of them & my grandchildren.

This is the pledge I make to my clients


“I will inspect your home with the same diligence, attention to detail, & enthusiasm
as if I where inspecting it for one of my daughters.”

Semper Fidelis
Jym Littrell

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Bloomington Office:
3802 East 3rd St Suite # 208
Bloomington, IN 47401
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